Quick Facts
  • Developed by Kim Jensen at Port80.biz
  • Development started January 2006
  • Based on original ideas and color matching concepts developed from 2000 and onwards
  • All features available free of charge
  • Financially supported by contextual ads and kind donations
You want to support or finance?

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ColorExplorer Feature List

The ColorExplorer toolbox contains a wide range of tools for working with digital colors. Some work on their own, some are often used together. Below you will find an extensive list of the main ColorExplorer features:

Free to use

Fully functional "out-of-the-box"; no requirement for registration - you can work with all the tools and save your palettes right from the start.

Advanced Color Picker

Advanced 6-way colorpicker with full realtime color preview allows you to pick colors via R/G/B-mixing, or using a hue, saturation, and lightness approach. Real-time color variations allow you to adjust a color in preset steps by the simple click of a color variation swatch.

One-Click palette filters, styles, and adjustments

Intuitive filters and styles allow you to grade an entire color palette with a single click. For example, make your palette "warmer" or "colder" – convert all colors into pastels – or instantly make all colors websafe.


With the innovative MagicMatch tool you can convert any number of colors into a matching color palette with the click of a button.

Color import from images

Uploading an image from your own computer allows you to extract a color palette based on that mage. This is particular useful if you need to match a graphic design with a photo or some other complex graphics – or if you simple like the color tones of an image.

Color import from HTML/CSS/TEXT files

Upload your own (or someone elses) HTML or CSS files to extract, evaluate, and work with colors from an existing website, a draft template, or something similar. Or simply use the feature to re-import a color set previously exported from ColorExplorer.

Palette Export for (almost) any program

Your palettes can easily be exported for use in literally any desktop graphics applications. Native Adobe Swatch Exchange (*.ASE) export allow you to open your color palettes directly in popular Adobe applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe InDesign. For other graphics applications palette export is available as plain text (HTML color codes) and PNG image file with swatches, overlaid with RGB values and HTML color codes.

Browse common color libraries in RGB mode

ColorExplorer offers you easy access to a selection of popular color libraries like RAL and TOYO, as well as screen specific libraries like the X11 Colors, W3C Named Web Colors, and the Web Safe Colors. All libraries are – of course – in RGB color space but are especially useful for consistency across media, quick comparison, and palette matching. Unlike printed guides, the ColorExplorer library colors can be sorted by name, hue, saturation, or lightness for effortlessly browsing.

Easy Color Matching

Employing technology and features from the acclaimed ColorMatch5K and ColorBlender tools, ColorExplorer takes color matching to a new level offering a large number of color matching algorithms including the most popular scientific and theoretical models. And of course, it's easy to use as ever before.

Color Conversion

Got a RAL color number when you actually needed a web safe color instead? The Color Conversion tool allows you to get some very useful hints as to the conversion between color libraries.

Color Accessibility Testing made easy

Accessibility may or may not seem important to you, but fact is that to make the biggest impact on the web you should offer a good experience to as many users as possible. One very important point is type legibility – or "readability". With the easy-to-use Contrast Analysis tool you can test you text and background colors together to find out if they are suitable for reading by people suffering from color blindness, general eye fatigue, or similar.

Secure Your Palettes

Free user registration allow you access your palettes from across multiple workstations using a login and password. This also ensures, that your palettes are not lost if you delete your local browser cookies.