PLEASE NOTE! The screencasts below were all made from the previous website design, so some tabs, links and features may have been changed, moved or otherwise revised. New screencasts will be available soon.

Wathing the screencasts below will let you know all about the features and functions of ColorExplorer.

ColorExplorer introduction

In this introductory screencast ColorExplorer developer Kim Jensen takes you on a quick tour through the ColorExplorer user interface and primary tools.

Duration: 14:10

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Palette operations and filters

View this screencast to know all about the color palette filters, styles, and operations. Including experimental magic!

Duration: 8:32

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Image color import

Learn how easy it is to extract colors from images that you upload.

Duration: 4:40

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Color libraries and color conversion

Watch this screencast to see how you use the color libraries and convert colors between libraries and color systems.

Duration: 5:28

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Color matching tools

Watch as ColorExplorer developer Kim Jensen show you how to use the ColorMatching tool to create matching palettes instantaneously.

Duration: 4:41

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Palette export

In this screencast you will learn how to export colors from ColorExplorer and use the colors in graphics applications like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or similar.

Duration: 5:16

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Accessibility testing

Get a brief insight on how to test you web site colors for readability and accessibility guidelines accommodation.

Duration: 5:03

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Why register?

Registering don't have to be a pain in the a**. With ColorExplorer it literally taskes just seconds, and we don't care about anything other than your color palettes!

Duration: 5:53

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